Argos uses Magento for Huge Success on eBay

Argos Uses Magento & M2E Pro for Obscene Success on eBay

Did you know that Argos, the UK’s largest general-goods retailer uses Magento & M2E Pro?

Yep that’s right and they’re the largest volume seller there is on eBay UK too.

argos_ebay_feedbackTake a look at the screenshot from their eBay feedback page and you’ll see that they’re using the 3rd Generation of multi-channel software to process over 24,193 orders on eBay.

Checking Terapeak (a historical research tool for eBay & Amazon), in the past 90 days they have sold over 150,000 products worth £7,800,000 (or $12.6M in USD).

Obviously this has to be being run on a hybrid-build of M2E Pro to cope with the sheer volume of orders and no doubt using Magento Enterprise rather than the free Community Edition as the base to their system. But what this does do is open our eyes to see what’s actually possible not only on eBay but in the 3rd Generation.

If Argos can use the 3rd Generation to do this kind of volume, what could it do for your business?

Never heard of this “3rd Generation” before?

On January 1st 2014 we’ll show you how to gain access to and setup your own multi-channel software capable of delivering enterprise-grade features on a shoestring budget, free from massive overheads & expensive monthly commissions.

Oh and if you want a Magento website to go with your multi-channel system, we’ll show you how to do this on a budget of just $90.

The 3rd Generation is REAL. And we’ll show you how & everything you need to know for FREE.

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