Are You Also Replatforming in 2019

Are You Also Replatforming in 2019?


Are you happy with the eCommerce platform that you’re currently using for your business?

We ask because a new report which was released by cloud service provider Yottaa revealed that more than half of online retailers are planning to replatform in 2019.

The company surveyed the plans of over 140 online retailers for this year, and found out that 56% of them plan to shift to a new platform in the next 12 months.

Large retailers with over $200 million in annual online sales say changing platforms and adding more features will enable them to boost the online experiences of their customers across devices.

Speed is key

Even though this one’s pretty obvious, many of the survey respondents feel that their eCommerce site isn’t fast enough to satisfy online shoppers, hence improving their page load time is top priority.

92% of the retailers polled said a fast site leads to higher conversion, while 75% say shoppers leave their website if a page doesn’t load in 2 to 3 seconds.

These eCommerce leaders are thinking of investing roughly $2.6 million to optimise their sites, allocating $1.4 million to third-party technologies.   

Add or switch technologies?

70% of Yottaa’s respondents said that they’re planning to swap out their existing third-party solutions for similar ones from other providers.

While 53% of retailers plan to employ at least three third-party technologies, 61% said there’s a need to evaluate multiple third-party technologies in their store because they’re all doing the same thing.

Food, clothing, and home improvement retailers were found to be the top spenders on third-party technologies, spending between $1.5 million and $3 million.

Retailers who follow the mobile-first approach, according to the report, spend more on third-party vendors than those who prefer the desktop-first method.

How are you improving the performance of your eCommerce website? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Byron Tabor
    Byron Tabor says:

    Replatform? Done did :-) After years of Ginny pigging for M1, and then struggling with the bug ridden M2 early on, I thought, why not just hit myself in the head repeatedly instead of going through another round of Mr. Ginny Pig? So, instead of doing that, i replatformed to WooCommerce. Couldn’t be happier! No longer do I have to struggle with speed problems (it’s easy to make WordPress fast, and on servers that that are a fraction of the cost), but now, I actually have a real content platform that matches my site, without all the hassles. No more praying that publishing a site was going to work, (Why should I have to republish a whole site, just because of one minor update? That’s just crazy).
    Sure, there maybe features built into M2 that Woo doesn’t have, but this can easily be overcome with an off the shelf or custom extension (want to know how much cheaper a custom WP / Woo extension is than an M2 one? LOL). I was using the Ultimo theme with M1 / M2, and while I miss some of the built in customization’s it includes, the Flatsome theme has options I could only dream of having for my Magento stores.

    It’s been a while since I gave up on M2, and I have no regrets at all

    • JD
      JD says:

      Love this post.

      Turns out Magento isn’t the be-all and end-all of eCommerce.

      Refreshing and heartwarming for those of us on a budget, thanks Byron!

    • MJB
      MJB says:

      Hi Bryon

      I would like to talk more about your experience of using WordPress and Woo, is there a way we can get in touch?

      Thanks Maria


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