Amazon Temporarily Suspends FBA Removal Fees

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Three months ago, we mentioned that you guys with inventory overstaying at Amazon’s fulfilment centres will be charged long-term storage (LTS) fees, so you must remove your goods before the next inventory cleanup.

As you may already know, especially if you’ve been using FBA for quite some time, a removal fee is charged for every item removed.  

However, since Amazon rolled out new FBA fees, a new storage limit policy, and a new schedule for assessing LTS fees for excess inventory, they’ve allowed sellers to clear out old stock in any of their US fulfilment centres free of charge.

Now this is a great opportunity for online sellers like you to cut down on expenses, considering that removal and LTS fees combined aren’t easy on the pocket. Plus, this is the best time to get rid of items you were not able to sell during the past holidays.

While this is supposed to be good news, online sellers who have already recalled their excess inventory in compliance with FBA policies see this move from the retail giant as an act of rewarding procrastination.

Click here to see the letter that Amazon sent online sellers.

Note that this offer is good for a limited period only as normal FBA fees will revert to normal sooner or later.

Also, Amazon said items that were requested for removal cannot be sent back to fulfilment centres until either the 1st August or “when your inventory level for the removed ASINs falls below our projection of your sales for the next eight weeks based on your average sales rate for the removed ASINs during the preceding 90 days.”

Do you use FBA? If so, have you taken advantage of its free inventory removal? We hope to hear from you in the comments below.


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