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If you’re selling on the Amazon Business marketplace but have not enrolled in FBA yet, it’s high time you considered it to get your products into the Business Prime Shipping programme.

Launched recently in Germany and the United States, Amazon’s new paid shipping service offers unlimited free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible office supplies for multi-user businesses.

It aims to encourage business owners to buy more than they would normally, which will then result in more sales for you.

A push for B2B Retailers

For small and medium-sized companies, their monthly procurement of printer ink, paper, business stationery, and writing materials, among others, can easily drain their available resources.

Aside from the price of each item, the high shipping cost limits their spending.

With the Business Prime Shipping service, which is the equivalent of Amazon Prime in the B2B marketplace of the online retail giant, a company’s procurement process doesn’t have to break the bank.   

As Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime, puts it:

“Business Prime Shipping combines the wide selection of products available to Amazon Business customers, with the speed and convenience that customers have come to know and love from Amazon Prime. We are excited to introduce a shipping program designed to meet the needs of businesses and will continue to innovate on behalf of customers to make business purchasing even easier.”

The annual fee for this shipping programme will depend on the number of users a company has on their business account. If they have up to 10 users, they pay $499; $1,299 if they have up to 100 users; and 10,099 for more than 100 users.    

Once they have selected a plan, every new member that they add to their business account will automatically qualify for the Business Prime Shipping programme and be able to shop for office equipment.

Note that this new Amazon service is only available in Germany and the US at the time of publication.

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