Amazon M2E Pro Introduction Course – Coming Next Week!


We are all really excited at UnderstandingE to let you know that next week we will be releasing the first course featuring the M2E Pro integration for the Amazon marketplace.

It has been a long time coming but we now have the latest M2E update for their much improved Amazon integration and can now show you in UnderstandingE style how to best set up the integration in Magento and M2E Pro for managing your Amazon marketplace.

Press play on the video above to find out what’s coming in this new course!

What to expect

In typical UnderstandingE fashion we are going right back to the beginning and assuming nothing.

This means that if you are brand new to using M2EPro and Amazon then Happy Days, you will be able to start right at the beginning with us and we will show you everything you need to know to get up and running.

If however you are reading this have been with us a while now at UnderstandingE and already have M2E Pro set up and have been using it to sell on eBay then you will be able to skip ahead a couple of the earlier tutorials.

Setting up M2EPro for Amazon

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to install M2E Pro
  • The theory behind setting up M2E Pro for Amazon and the practical steps as well
  • What extra attributes and settings you’ll need in Magento to get maximum control over your Amazon listings and orders
  • Where to find the additional settings for Amazon in M2E Pro
  • How to connect an existing product on Amazon to M2E Pro
  • Where you can get help, just in case you need it

If you have never dealt with the Amazon marketplace before then we have the perfect course for you.  We have the “Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon” which will give you the run down of everything you need to know about the Amazon marketplace.

You can take a look at that by clicking the button below:

You can expect to see this new Amazon / M2E course begin to get rolled out next Wednesday (13th May 2015) and the tutorials will be released daily until they are all released.

Then what?

The team at UnderstandingE are currently doing a fantastic job putting the final finishing touches together on this first Amazon and M2E Pro course to ensure it is ready to be out live next week.

In the mean time myself and Matt are busy working on the advanced course for the Amazon M2E Pro integration.

This is where we will get a lot deeper and start looking at listing new products to Amazon as well as digging deeper into configurable products, and much much more.

So that’s the next course that we have coming next week, and we know you will love it and that some of you have been waiting a while for these tutorials.

The good news is the wait is almost over!


Co-Founder of UnderstandingE

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  1. Andy M
    Andy M says:

    Hi Matt and Dave.

    I’m looking forward to this course. I know you said hold off on the m2e update while they sort things out and have been waiting & waiting for you two to make this course.

    I sell on and also have a couple of products in FBA. Will you be covering FBA items in this course or is it in the advanced one?


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Andy,

      We’re looking forward to it too!

      Great question on Amazon FBA, I’ll answer that below for you.

      M2EPro have the ability to collect Amazon FBA orders in Magento, when the order is made by a customer on Amazon that is in FBA, you can set M2EPro to collect this order and show it on your orders screen, then when Amazon ship the product(s) to the customer the order will then move to “Complete” in Magento.

      You can also set Magento to decrement in stock quantities for these orders or for the stock levels not to be updated (which is what I would suggest you would have set).

      Earlier this evening I had a couple of emails from people asking about Magento / Amazon FBA and whether M2EPro would manage their inventory in Amazon FBA.

      The answer to this is no. M2EPro doesn’t go that far yet. However there is a Magento extension that does have this (just google “Magento FBA”), so that when you receive orders from say eBay or Magento, you can then fulfil these orders using the inventory you have in FBA. That would be most handy of you only use Amazon FBA for all your products.

      However with that said most businesses I know only have a small subset of products in Amazon FBA, having these orders appear in Magento and them auto-completing I can see as being handy for them, such as for reporting or actually seeing what is happening with FBA without having to leave Magento OR they can be set to be ignored completely if desired.

      Hope that helps Andy,


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Michael,

      Not in this course, this will be in the advanced one.

      We need to learn how to crawl with M2EPro and Amazon first, hence in this course which is 10 tutorials, you’ll learn how to set up the missing attributes in Magento and you’ll be listing one existing product from Amazon from your Magento system.

      If you can add one existing product, the rest are duplication for existing listings on Amazon and also in the advanced course we’ll show you how to export your existing products from Amazon, how to get these into Magento (with the missing details if you don’t have them already such as images, descriptions etc…) and then get them matched up in M2EPro so that you can stock control/update them as needed.

      Hope that helps Michael,



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