Amazon M2E Pro Advanced Course – Now Live


We are really happy to kick start the release of the latest UnderstandingE course The Amazon / M2E Pro Advanced course.

Following on from the Amazon /M2E introductory course we now get a lot deeper into the M2E Pro Amazon integration and look at some of the more advanced features.

So right now we have launched the first 4 tutorials of this course which are:

Amazon & M2EPro Advanced Setup Course1. Introduction

2. Adding in the missing attributes

3. Creating Special Listing Groups

4. Exporting from Amazon & Magento

Then on Thursday we will be releasing a further 4 tutorials which are:

5. Comparing the files & breaking the data up

6. Importing matched products using Magmi

7. Mapping the matched products

8. Your options for Unmatched products

So to get started with the Amazon / M2E Advanced course just click the big green button below:

Still to come…

This course does still have some tutorials left to be recorded.  The main one is regarding an export of Amazon using WidgetChimp and importing this into Magento using Magmi.

This was going to be recorded last week however we decided that the export file could be much more ‘Magmi friendly’ to ensure it needed as little editing as possible at your end.

I have spoken to Matt and we aim to have this recorded this week and hopefully it will be released in the course next week.  We also have a few more tutorials planned too.

So with that said, the Amazon advanced course is now ready for you to delve into and will have a further four tutorials tomorrow.

Have a great week and as always enjoy the tutorials!

To your continued success!

Dave & Matt

Founders of UnderstandingE


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