Amazon M2E Pro Advanced Course – Coming Next Week!


We are all really excited at UnderstandingE to let you know that next week we will start releasing the Amazon advanced course.


A few weeks ago we launched the Amazon M2E Introduction course where we got you started using M2E Pro for the Amazon marketplace.

In this Premium course we take it to the next level and get a lot deeper into listing to the Amazon marketplace through M2E Pro.

What to expect

Building on what we covered in the basics course we now get a lot deeper and look at some of the more advanced areas of M2E Pro to aid further automation and dealing with larger inventories in your business.

What you will learn in this course:slide-002-player

  • How to add in the missing attributes
  • Creating Special Listing Groups
  • How to export from Amazon & Magento
  • Comparing the files & breaking the data up
  • Importing matched products using Magmi
  • Mapping the matched products
  • Your options for Unmatched products
  • Running an export of Amazon in WidgetChimp
  • Editing & importing into Magento with Magmi
  • And much more

Get up to speed now

If you don’t already and want to start selling on the Amazon marketplace then we have the perfect course for you where we introduce you to the Amazon marketplace for beginners.

You can check out this course by clicking the button below:

If you haven’t been through the Amazon basics course yet, then we recommend you get up to speed with that one first before diving into the Amazon Advanced course.

The basics course will help you get the necessary foundations in place to make sure your system is set up the right way.  To get started with the Amazon / M2E Introduction course click the button below:

So with that said, the new course will start being rolled out on Wednesday 17th June, giving you a week to get your Magento system ready for the new tutorials.

Have a great week!


Founder of UnderstandingE


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