Amazon Launches in Australia Tomorrow

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The waiting game ends here as Amazon is set to launch its marketplace in Australia on Thursday, 23rd of November, at 2pm (AEST).

This came as a pleasant surprise for online sellers who were recently informed by Amazon Australia Manager Rocco Braeuniger that the retail giant is launching its new platform soon, without expounding on the details.

Select third-party sellers were said to have received an email from Amazon on Tuesday informing them that they can set up their wares and start taking orders during the soft launch.  

Amazon perfectly timed its official launch date on 24th of November to coincide with Black Friday, the biggest annual sales event for online sellers which kicks off the Christmas shopping season.

Who’s selling on Amazon Australia?

500 retailers will initially sell on Amazon’s Australian site, but more businesses are expected to follow suit.

As they busy themselves with the products that they’re going to sell, those sellers who aren’t fully ready to process orders yet were told by Amazon to set their accounts to inactive.

Aside from the limited number of third-party sellers, Amazon is also expected to sell its own product line during the soft launch.

Scott Kilmartin, eCommerce consultant and creator of the “David vs Amazon” podcast series, said Amazon will be giving away free ice cream at train stations across the country as part of the promotional activities of the marketplace launch.

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