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Why is the Amazon Course Free?


Earlier this evening we received the following question:

Good job! I watched the two first videos on YouTube yesterday. It looks great!

As a paying member, I wonder why is it open to the public? Doesn’t it defeats the purpose of paying you guys?

You might be wondering this too.

Let’s take a look why the Amazon course is free and you’ll appreciate that we’re only just scratching the surface.

3 Simple reasons

Let’s start off with the 3 key reasons why this course is free:

  1. Acorns
  2. Snake Oil
  3. There’s more

Simple eh? Just as it should be :)

Acorns Grow into Oaks


Both myself and Dave believe that acorns grow into trees when it comes to online businesses.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

This course is firmly aimed at business owners looking to start selling on Amazon. Once you have one sales channel into place, we also believe the “be-everywhere” strategery applies.

When you get a taste for selling online, we know you’ll want more, lots more!

And as the acorn grows, it’ll need more food sources AKA “sales channels” and we just so happen to have eBay, Magento & M2EPro right here waiting. Handy that :)

So if we’re found to be providing amazing free content (more on this at the end, as this is important to your business), it’ll make them wonder what the rest of the site is like.

Now onto the Snake Oil.

Snake Oil Salesmen


One of the things that royally annoys myself & Dave is that there are a lot of websites out there saying “become an Amazon quad-zillionaire“.

Clarification: When we say “annoys”, this is us not publishing bad words

You know the schemes, they’re the sites with…

  • The really long sales pages
  • Absolutely no credentials
  • A bonus if you sign up “right now
  • The price tags of $$$$$
  • And forget to tell you that we all live in the real world

Those sites have one goal: To make the teacher rich.

UnderstandingE on the other hand, making money is a bi-product of helping you become successful.

Getting started with Amazon is just one part of that.

And the last point, “there’s more”.

There is More


The Amazon course will bring you up to a level where you’re confidently able to start selling on Amazon and it won’t look as scary as I remember my first time with Amazon as being.

Matt’s Note: I personally didn’t fully embrace Amazon when I first started selling online. This is one mistake I won’t be letting others follow.

However we all know thats only half the story and there is more, much more to follow.

For example:

  • How do you leverage Amazon long term?
  • What about FBA?
  • What about repricing tools?
  • How about a strategy and the tools to gain reviews & feedback on Amazon?
  • How does Amazon fit into the “be-everywhere” strategy?
  • How do you use Amazon with a 3rd party software, AKA M2EPro?

In Summary

The Amazon course thats being released right now, is the “starting course”.

To help the acorns to stand a chance at growing larger and not to get ripped off on the way.

As with everything else on UnderstandingE we work to the Crawl, Walk, Run method.

We don’t think it is right to make the courses whose purpose is to get your started crawling, should be chargeable.

This is a longer approach that we’re taking, however feel it’s the right approach because we need to rely on this course so later on we can make the assumption you know what we’re talking about.

With the Getting Started Course for Magento, which leads onto M2EPro, we had to make two assumptions.

  • The first that you have never used Magento before
  • And the second that you are already selling on eBay.

We felt comfortable in skipping the eBay part in the beginning as we knew many of you were already selling on eBay, but that also does mean we’ll be creating an Ultimate guide to selling on eBay course, to backfill this void.

We take immense pride in working towards the goal where our free content is better than other peoples paid for content.  If we stick with that theory, we can’t go wrong! …and if our free content is that good, how awesome do we have to make our Premium content ;)

Matt & Dave


Earlier we mentioned “amazing content” earlier, this is an important note to keep the back of your mind for your business.

Right now we’re discussing the Amazon course above, however let’s assume that you have eBay & Magento already hooked up while we wait for M2EPro to release their updated Amazon integration.

What naturally comes after this?

You have the marketplaces, you have your Magento website and the tools to leverage against to get handle more sales.

When it comes to your website, you’re going to be following in our footsteps when it comes to the marketing of the site.

We’re not suggesting video tutorials (although ‘product demonstrations’ is a excellent idea & actually cheap to make!) rather articles similar to the others we’ve posted in the blog. This will not be the “get-rich-schemes” that we so sorely dislike, we’ll be showing how to create value “long term” because we’re orientated in such a manner that you’re a success “long term”.

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  1. Simon Barry
    Simon Barry says:

    As a paying member – I’d keep very quiet about what I’m paying for what I’m getting here – Frankly, I think the price I’m paying OVER and ABOVE the free stuff – is worth a fortune more than I pay.
    Also it was the free videos that showed me everything I needed to make a no-brainer decision to subscribe and get the really cool advanced stuff!
    Thanks to Matt and Dave for everything that has helped make our business successful!!!


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