Amazon Australia Launch Imminent

Amazon has been expanding into new territories as it looks top grow its business globally. Now it has its sights set on Australia.

Earlier this week 500 merchants gathered in Sydney to listen to Amazon Australia’s manager, Rocco Braeuniger, and Fabio Bertola, head of seller services for Australia talk about how it will all work out.

Amazon Australia coming in weeks?

With this activity going on as well as others, many speculate that Amazon will be opening its services there in time for the holidays. It would signal Amazon Australia to be fully independent from the US parent company.

While Amazon’s Australian site has been up for years before, it served more as a gateway for transactions with Amazon US.  Some businesses are already prepared to do business through Amazon Australia.

At least Style Tread and have already registered and will be selling their products. Other businesses will most likely also follow their lead.

Amazon also has its first Australian fulfilment centre up and running in Australia. All of this activity is due to the holiday season coming in.

Amazon obviously wants to take advantage of it and have a market share there if not by Black Friday then certainly the holiday season. With these signs in place, many feel that Amazon Australia will be operational very soon.

“Amazon is likely to launch in Australia by mid-November,” Citi retail analyst Craig Woolford has said. If this would be the case, then Amazon Australia will get the benefits from its timing. Holiday shopping is always big. This traditionally starts on Black Friday and goes all the way up to Christmas, and possibly a little bit beyond that.

Amazon has not been shy in it’s global expansion and some feel that some of its expansion plans might not be profitable. It has yet to be known in fashion, for instance.

Still, there is no signs of slowing down for Amazon and Amazon Australia looks certain for success.

Will you be getting ready to utilise Amazon Australia?  Let us know down below.

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