Amazon Accidentally Announces July 16 as Prime Day

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While everyone was busy going about their usual activities on a Thursday morning, Amazon spilt what is to be presumed the official date for Prime Day.  

A banner that was accidentally put up and immediately taken down from the Amazon UK website revealed that Prime Day starts at midday on 16th July.

Technology website Techradar quickly picked up the news and it didn’t take long to spread like wildfire.

Amazon have yet to confirm whether or not this information is true. However, if it were true, it’s going to be the longest ever Prime Day which lasts for 36 hours.

You know what that means for your business; longer hours can result in more sales.

Now that the date is out, expect online shoppers to start window shopping and listing what they want to buy on the big day. Be sure that you show them something that’ll make them want to come back on Prime Day.   

We hope that you’ve started notifying your mailing list of your most anticipated deals, as well as shared them on your social accounts.    

Also, while waiting for Amazon’s official announcement, don’t forget to work on your checklist for Prime Day to achieve, if not surpass, your sales target.

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