Afternoon Tea With UnderstandingE

Afternoon Tea With UnderstandingE


Afternoon tea with UnderstandingE, that has quite a ring to it eh?

Next Tuesday we’re moving the coffee morning to a later time window so that our friends over in the USA & Canada can join us.

If you’ve never been able to join us before because of the time zone difference this your chance to meet myself Matt & Dave live.

When & Where?

The afternoon tea is being held on Tuesday 13th May and I’ve broken the timezones up to help you:

  • In the UK it’s at 4pm,
  • If you’re on the West-coast in PDT that’s 8am
  • If you’re on the East-coast in EDT that’s 11am.
  • If you’re in Europe , for example Germany thats 5pm (CEST)
  • And if you’re in Australia, it’s about 1am ( maybe bring along a herbal tea instead? ).

Use the button below to save your seat:

The Agenda

What we’d really like to be covering in the afternoon tea meeting is to hear from business owners just like you that are based in the United States & Canada.

So we’ve sent a couple of emails out those we know are based in the US & CA, however if you are based across the pond, can you let us know and we’re looking to ask 3 simple questions:

  1. How did your business start?
  2. What challenges have you had along the way?
  3. What one tip would you give a fello business owner?

You’ll notice that we’re not asking what you’re selling or how much you turn over, that info is personal and irrelevant, what we’re interested in is you and your story.

If you are based in the United States & Canada can you let us know using the comments box at the bottom and we’ll be in touch with you asap.

We’ll also be seeing what mowing a lawn has to do with running a business. When I first mentioned this to Dave, he thought I was nuts ( always a good sign, means I’m on the right track ) and the thing is that they have a lot in common.

Also I’m hoping to be able to announce that the fully responsive eBay listing templates are ready as well ( hoping to get get completed this weekend ), however so far the tests I have run have been extremely promising and I can’t wait to share these with you as I know you’re going to love them!

Grab Your Seat Right Now!

If you’ve not reserved your seat yet, use the green button below:

All you need is a headset or speakers to join in.

See you there!

Matt & Dave

8 replies
      • Debbie Anderton
        Debbie Anderton says:

        Mattt, I must admit I am disappointed re the permanent change in time. 5:30 am is just too early here :(

        • Matthew Ogborne
          Matthew Ogborne says:

          Hi Debbie,

          This is always going to be a struggle for us covering so many countries. It’s as late as we can push it in the evenings here, as in the EU this will be 21:30.

          20:30 is actually pushing it for me as well as I get up at 05:00 and it’ll make it into a guaranteed 16hr working day (I normally work longer, but somehow having the choice to do so is nice :/ ).

          What we can do is do our best to make sure that we have the recordings out as soon as we can afterwards by changing the priorities here for the video editing.


          • Joe Mills
            Joe Mills says:

            You could rotate it every fortnight Matt? I guess the upside is that the recordings are always on youtube

          • Matthew Ogborne
            Matthew Ogborne says:

            Howdy Joe,

            Speaking openly, we’re never going to be able to meet sensible times for everyone across the globe.

            I like the idea of rotating times, however I’d personally like to try and keep it at a set time each week as its the best way of gaining traction.

            We’re going to roll with the evenings for a couple of weeks and see how they do and revaulate then.

            And on that note, I’m cream-crackered and need sleep!

            Back on at 05:10 tomorrow morning and tonights recording will be with our editor first thing in the morning too.


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