Afternoon Tea with UnderstandingE – 13th May


This week we did something a little bit different!

Instead of the Coffee Morning we switched to Afternoon Tea which meant we could be joined by some of our members over in the USA and Canada.  The recording is now available to watch via the video above.

In this Afternoon Tea session I (Dave) was back and we had a triple whammy lined up.

We had a brief chat about how we try to stay productive as UnderstandingE and how the process we use can be compared to mowing a lawn.

After that we were joined by two of our members, Richard and Yaniv both based in Florida USA to talk about their online businesses.  As with Marco from the Coffee Morning with Marco we had 3 key questions to discuss.

  1. How did your business start?
  2. What challenges have you faced along the way?
  3. What one tip would you give to other online business owners?

A brief overview to the discussion is as follows:

  • Introductions & thank you’s
  • The house rule
  • Introduction to our topic today on productivity
  • A look at how we can use stripes when mowing a lawn to stay productive (You may know these as development sprints)
  • We are then joined by Richard to discuss the three questions above
  • Hear how Richard is constantly adapting in his business and makes good business by shipping his products to places his competitors don’t
  • We are then joined by Yaniv to find out more about his business
  • Yaniv shares with us a fascinating graph which details the rise of Magento and the decline of other shopping carts over the years
  • AOB

As part of the any other business piece, we mention a podcast with Iwoca which is now Live and is all about taking massive action.  You can find that here:

Of course a HUGE thank you to both Richard & Yaniv for joining us and sharing with us some fantastic insights into their business. Also a big thank you to everyone who managed to join us Live, and if you’d like to join us next week, you can do for free using the button below:

See you there

Matt & Dave

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