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UnderstandingE is the number one website aimed at showing business owners how to use Magento as multi-channel software.

This focus opens the doors to you for reaching out to SME’s, small business start-ups, eCommerce professionals and marketplace businesses that use eBay & the other marketplaces and of course Magento site owners .

Our advertisers already include:

  • Magento extension providers
  • Dedicated Magento Web-hosting providers
  • Amazon Repricing software
  • An eBay store & template design company
  • Warehouse fulfilment
  • Courier integration partners
  • Full service providers

More than Just Adverts

We are able to offer a variety of advert sizes & positions across any part of the UnderstandingE site and more depending on your business objectives.

  • Forums, general & specific forums advert blocks
  • Keyword replacement on forum comments
  • An entry into our dedicated partners directory
  • Category specific adverts, whether in the forums or via the partners directory
  • To the bottom of RSS feeds
  • And advanced features such as advert scheduling & Geo location to target customers by country
  • Sponsorship of specific training guides, with opening & closing credits

Create Real Connections

We are able to offer more than the “standard” advertising too, infact this approach is our prefered method, we’ll explain why.

Meeting a new service or product from an advert is great, but what business owners want to really see & hear is how your product or service can help them

Join us on a call which we can record and publish as a Podcast or show us via a webinar which is published both on the UnderstandingE blog, directly onto iTunes and onto Youtube after being professionally edited and show business owners how your product and/or service really works.

We can also provide the source files to distribute into your own network, edited or unedited and audio/visual content can be added to your partners page.

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You can contact the UnderstandingE web marketing team using the contact form below.