Adobe and Magento Empower Businesses with New Integration

Adobe and Magento Empower Businesses with New Integration

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The competition is on for the best provider of end-to-end customer experience.

And to ensure their clients are able to provide great customer experience across all touchpoints, Adobe have integrated Magento Commerce Cloud into their Experience Cloud.

Mark Lavelle, senior vice president of commerce at Adobe and former Magento CEO, said:

“Consumers expect every interaction with a brand to be contextual, intuitive and meaningful, but companies have struggled to consistently deliver personalized experiences across the myriad of touchpoints. The innovations we are bringing to market enable companies of all sizes and across industries to make every experience shoppable.”

Adobe’s suite of marketing, analytics and advertising tools are now accessible to Magento Commerce Cloud users, making it easier for them to analyze their customers’ data and personalise their shopping experiences.

Stay ahead of the pack

Unless a customer can move seamlessly from discovering a product to actually buying it, their shopping journey is anything but great.

The integration of Magento with Adobe Experience Cloud allows retailers to reach their customers on various platforms, whether online or offline, as it gives them the ability to do the following:

  • Create highly engaging shopping experiences across every touchpoint throughout the customer journey
  • Personalize every experience through the use of Adobe’s AI and machine learning technology
  • Anticipate customer needs using Adobe Analytics, which proactively monitors and analyzes customer data to predict future customer behaviors and detect potential challenges

There’s absolutely no better way to address rising customer expectations than to face them head-on. Armed with Adobe and Magento’s integrated tools, you’ll surely win and gain not only in sales but customer loyalty as well.

Have you started exploiting the offerings of the new integration? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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