Magento How to Add Custom Messages on Product Pages

How to add “We Like This Because…” to Magento Product Pages


Would you like to show a custom message on each of your Magento product pages that says “We like this because” and then your own custom message about the product?

Then this video tutorial is just for you :)

This was a suggestion in the community forums, as similar functionality is on the John Lewis site and you can see an example on this product page:

Step By Step Video Tutorial

In the video tutorial below we’ll walk you through how to set this up and even give you the copy & paste code you need to be able to do this on your Magento website.

And with that said, let’s dig in!

There are a few prerequisites, these are:

  1. You’ll need FileZilla open and ready, the same for Notepad
  2. We’ll be creating a new attribute in Magento, so have your Magento admin open
  3. Pick a product you can test with and have that to hand in Magento
  4. You’ll need to copy & paste code that you can download using the green button under the video tutorial
  5. And finally this video tutorial is for the $99 Responsive Ultimo Magento theme we have based this course on.

You can download the code you need using the button below:

You can of course tweak the CSS and PHP code to your own liking, maybe adding a thumbs up icon like we’ve seen on the John Lewis website.

If you’re not too hot with CSS/PHP/HTML then to have this tweaked to your own requirements is going to be a really simple & cheap job (ie $10) to get done via Elance because we’ve done the majority of the hard work for you!

Enjoy the tutorial and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below,

Matt & Dave

PS. You could also use this in your eBay listings too as it’s a Magento attribute and if you followed us along in the video tutorial above, the keyword you would use in M2EPro is #att_recommendation#

PPS. Could that download button have been any bigger? lol!

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  1. mark1262
    mark1262 says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for another great tutorial. I was able to get everything working except for the thumbs image. When I examine it with google it says the image should be at but I dont have a skin folder inside of my media folder? If I use this link it dose show up? It is also here / Why wouldn’t it pick it up from the sub-theme? Can you shed any light on it?


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