The 3rd Generation of Multi-Channel Software

“A hybrid of both free and paid for open source software where multi-channel business owners can pick & choose the tools that suit their business, both now and in the future.”

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The 3rd Generation is highly flexible and ridiculously inexpensive.

Magento Community Edition is free to download and M2E Pro is subsidised by eBay. Everything is optional and you add what you need, only what you need to build a system that suits your business now and can grow with your business.

Zero knowledge of Magento required, we’ll show you exactly how it works & how to set it up for your business.

Multi-Channel Software Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

We’ll show you how you can take Magento and turn it into multi-channel software that Jane Norman & Argos use to process thousands of orders.

All you’ll need is a domain name that costs about £8 ($16 USD) and web-hosting. If you use hosting provider we suggest you can set up for your system for free for the first month, after that their web-hosting starts at £16 a month.

You can list to eBay, Amazon and your own Magento website. You can also list locally into each eBay site for Cross Border Trade and we’ll hold you hand each step of the way.

Multi-channel software doesn’t have to cost the earth any more and a degree in Nerd is not required.

We’ll Show You How

Really, we’ll show you how. An overview to the guides included are below and this is just a taster!

magento tutorials for beginners

Getting Started

In this course you’ll get set up with the basics. From choosing a domain name & a web hosting provider, setting up customised email address & installing Magento.

Zero knowledge of Magento is required to get started.

Installing M2E Pro

M2E Pro is a special extension that allows you to sell our inventory that we have in Magento onto eBay, Amazon, Play & Rakuten.

It allows us to collect our orders from these marketplaces, keep our stock & prices updated and much more too.

Listing to eBay

eBay item specifics are crucial to your success on eBay and when to comes to Magento & M2E Pro, we’ll show you how.

In true Matt & Dave form, we’ll show you the simple method and we’ll show you the advanced method of handling eBay Item specifics in Magento.

You can get started right now, we’ll show you how each step of the way