4 New Tutorials Now Live Today & A Coffee Morning


Today we have 4 new tutorials ready for you!

We have been working towards completing the Order Management course and we have three guides being released today which focus on handling transactional emails in Magento.

These are the emails which get sent to your customers updating them through the order processing statuses.

We have the theory and the practical guides for setting up customised emails in Magento.  In these guides we introduce you to emails in Magento and take you through the theory behind it.

Transactional Emails in Magento

We’ll then take you through the setup process and show you how you can customise the emails that get sent to your customers.

This is how you can have different emails for different order statuses and also for different marketplaces / channels too.

We are also joined by Ignacio from a company called ebizmarts in the third guide where we look at how we can integrate Mandrill (Run by Mailchimp) into Magento and send our transactional emails.

Ignacio has created a free extension called ‘MageMonkey’ which does this integration, and that is what we look at in this guide.

There is also an additional guide ready as part of our Listing templates course.  In this tutorial we introduce WidgetChimp and we look at all of the cool widgets that are available to add to your eBay listings and what sort of effect you can expect to see from them.

There are numerous ways to get your hands on WidgetChimp.  It comes free with Premium UnderstandingE membership or you can go directly to WidgetChimp and sign up there.

*Note from Matt*

Just heard from Matt who is currently head deep in code, that he is working on exportmylistings as we speak.  He’ll have a responsive premium listing template finished up and available soon and he’ll tell us more about these soon.

Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning

Also a quick reminder that tomorrow morning (Tuesay 18th March) we are hosting our second virtual coffee morning at 10:00 am GMT.

This one is going to be an interesting topic as we will be looking at and discussing the latest eBay updates.  Due to the interest we have upgraded our meeting software so that we can accept more virtual drinkers at our virtual coffee shop.

So if you haven’t registered already we have built a virtual extension and we can now get more people in, so if you’d like to listen in or get involved then just follow this link here: Tuesday Coffee Morning 18th March (eBay Updates)

We look forward to speaking with you in the morning :)

Matt & Dave

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  1. Andrew Owen-Price
    Andrew Owen-Price says:

    I agree, only two found … did I imagine it or was there one called “How To enable Layered Navigation in Magento” somewhere ?

  2. BennyBlanco
    BennyBlanco says:

    I’ve only found 3 videos so far guys. 2 on emails in “managing orders” and 1 video for widget chimp. Can you point me to the 4th video please. Thanks.


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