3 Ways to Increase Your Post-Holiday Sales

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Christmas doesn’t put a stop to the shopping frenzy, so don’t break your sales momentum just yet.

Many shoppers put off buying certain items until after Christmas because they know that they can get them at lower prices.

While buying gifts for their loved ones at the moment, those winter clothing, gift sets and holiday décor would constantly linger on their minds.

Here below we list three ways to use customer behaviour to increase your post-Christmas sales.


#1 Hold a Clearance Sale

Welcome the new year with fresh inventory.

Clear out old stock by holding an inventory sale.

Offer discounts on items which you weren’t able to sell during the holidays, such as winter clothing and accessories, as well as slow-moving items.

If nobody bought them in 2016, chances are no one will in the coming year.

However, offering these products at rock-bottom prices, or a “buy one, get one free” deal, will easily convert these items into cash.

#2 Recover Abandoned Carts

Email customers who have added products to their shopping cart, but didn’t proceed to check out for some reason.

Not all abandoned carts were done intentionally.

Some of your customers might’ve run into a glitch on your website which prevented them from completing their purchase.

Mention the items which they left as well as the link to their cart, to save them the trouble of having to type in their personal information again.

Don’t forget to craft a relevant subject line so that your email won’t end up in the recipient’s spam folder — plus add in quality images.

Reminding your customers of what could’ve been theirs is the best way to win them back.

#3 Offer Unmatched Customer Service

If you’ve been receiving an influx of orders since November, then your store is most likely to see product returns and exchanges in the coming weeks.

They could be a lot or just a handful, but regardless of the quantity you must be ready to process them in a timely manner.

Also note that having a member of staff who can respond promptly to email queries or customer service calls is crucial as this shows how reliable your business is.

Your sales may rise substantially this month, but in the end it’s all about customer satisfaction and retention.

Check out our Last Minute Checklist for the Holiday Season to ensure you end up making all of your customers happy.  

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Dave & Matt

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