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This morning at around 8:20 am our very own Matthew Ogborne was live on BBC Radio Sheffield talking about eBay.

This was after news from the Barnsley Council that they were going to start selling on eBay.  You can read more about this on Tamebay here: Barnsley Council Sell on eBay

With limited amounts of time on air Matt had prepared 3 tips for anyone listening who wanted to sell online.  So with that said let me hand over to Matt.

*Enter Matt*

While the chat with Toby on BBC Radio Sheffield this morning was fantastic, we didn’t actually share those 3 tips for you to help you sell more on eBay.

Each of these 3 tips have your customer in mind and will help you if you’re just starting out on eBay and even for larger businesses too.

The tips are centered purely around this objective:

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer

So with that in mind…

Start with a descriptive title to describe your item

You have a maximum of 80 characters available for your eBay title, and you should be aiming to use up all of these characters or to get as close as possible.  Keeping in mind you can’t go over 80.

The key to remember is to write your eBay product title for a human, not for a computer.

By that we mean proper sentence structure not just key word spamming and also a special note that putting other brand names in the title won’t help you, eBay has a best match system that will quickly rank you downwards if you do that.

Plus it doesn’t help your customer!

Images are everything

In most categories on eBay you can add up to 12 images to a listing for free, use ALL of the 12 images!


So using a a Teapot as an example, take pictures of:

  1. Front
  2. Side
  3. Other side
  4. Bottom
  5. Top
  6. Lid on
  7. Lid off
  8. The lid by itself
  9. A shot with another reference item for size

This then leaves you 3 extra images left for any detail areas or damages that warrant an extra image or three.

Over describe your item.

We will keep this tip really straight forward:

  • Think how your buyer would use the item
  • Explain how you came to find the item yourself
  • Detail any damages to the product

Maybe explain why you like the product and some of the common and not so common uses of your product.

Break the description into features and benefits.  What are some of the key features of the product and what are the benefits?  What does your customer want to know about the product?


This is all about confidence, your buyer having the confidence that the product that they are bidding on or buying straight out is exactly what they want and is going to be what they have appear in their hands the a day or two later when you send it to them.

The title helps potential buyers find the listing, the images help the customer feel the product and throw in a fantastic description. With these 3 simple tips you’ll start your success on eBay easily.

Matt & Dave

Founders & Directors of UnderstandingE

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