Hear How an Entrepreneur Started Online and is Now Moving from 2nd to 3rd Generation

Hear How an Entrepreneur Started Online and is Now Moving from 2nd to 3rd Generation

Welcome to Podcast number 2 and in this episode we interview Alex, who started his business 2 years ago and coming from a retail background had a steep learning curve taking his business online.

In this Podcast, Alex takes us through a brief history of how he started and tells about the decisions he faced along the way which impacted his business in different ways, some good and some bad.

Hear how he knew that eBay was going to be his main revenue stream and what he put in place to enable this to grow.  In order to scale further and be able to re-innovate in his business Alex is now joining the 3rd Generation and has been a sort of BETA tester for UnderstandingE, so find out more about what he feels about the new Generation.

Press Play below and listen in, the 3rd Generation is real.



  • A business selling in sporting goods on the marketplaces
  • Large product variety with low quantity so many unique listings
  • Noticed the Pro’s and Cons that 2nd Generation Software can bring to a business
  • Was told by his provider to “stop emailing them or they would have to part ways”
  • A true multi-channel business
  • Sells on eBay
  • Sells on Amazon
  • Their own Magento website in the process of being built
  • Working with UnderstandingE to join the 3rd Generation

We Don’t Have All the Answers, But We’re Trying!

If there is one thing that you can take away from this podcast is that Matt & Dave are working in the background to join up the dots and make sure that the 3rd Generation of multi-channel software happens on January 1st.

We’re not afraid to admit that we don’t have all the answers right now, the best way to learn is by doing. This is why we’re helping multiple businesses migrate to the 3rd generation, so that we learn with them and when it comes to the time when you migrate, the guides that we’ll be providing will be not just good, they’ll be great!

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Your Feedback?

Alex is currently moving to the 3rd Generation with the help of UnderstandingE, the 3rd Generation will allow Alex to innovate within his business once more and create processes that he needs to be as efficient as possible and scale over time.

After listening to Alex’s story, do you have any questions or are you considering moving to the 3rd Generation too? Let us know in the comments box below.

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