Hear how a business runs TEN retail stores and eBay using Magento & M2E Pro

Hear how a business runs TEN retail stores and eBay using Magento & M2E Pro

In this podcast we speak to Scott from Powerhouse fitness, who’s is the multi-channel eCommerce manager for the hugely successful Powerhouse Fitness.

Founded by David Webster O.B.E  30 years ago, Powerhouse Fitness has become a truly multi-channel business with 10 bricks & mortar establishments (including one in Harrods) as well as a eCommerce website and stores on eBay and Amazon.

Press Play below and listen in to the Powerhouse Fitness story:

Powerhouse fitness use Magento for their website, store product management and are using M2E Pro to manage their eBay listings too.

Over the coming months they are looking to implement their Amazon management through M2E Pro too, to allow it to encompass their marketplace channels together.

Benefits of M2E Pro

Since Powerhouse Fitness started using M2E Pro, Scott has noticed some huge benefits in what this extension has brought to the table.

One of the key benefits for Powerhouse Fitness is the ability to split their product range into categories and match them up to the website using Magento attributes.

They also use Listing groups for example on products under £20 so that they automatically get assigned free shipping.  Which is a great example of what we can do with M2E Pro and Listing Groups.

To find out more what you can do with Magento & M2E Pro check out the UnderstandingE guides here: https://understandinge.com/courses/

A further benefit for Scott is how M2E Pro allows him to synchornise customer and order details into specific store views so they always know which channel a customer has completed checkout from, enabling them to track the success of their website compared to eBay or their bricks & mortar stores.

Scott’s Top Tips

As with all of our Podcast guests that sell online we ask them for a top tip to share with us.  Scott took it a step further and gave us three of his tips for selling online, these are:

  1. Take the time to find a platform or system that will suit your business.  (Our note here, is this is fantastic advice, changing from one software to another can be a painful transition so if you can find the right software at the beginning which will allow you to grow your business how you want with very little restrictions then this is the one you should opt for)
  2. Keep testing and learning especially with processes and customer behaviour, and always keep in mind website optimisation
  3. Always look to keep improving – This is a fantastic point, the world of eCommerce is incredibly fast paced, and if you don’t look to keep improving and innovating then you risk the competition leaving you behind.


Here is a summary of the topics & points made in today’s Podcast with Scott:

  • How they find Magento powerful, extremely useful but most important…Scalable
  • They tried eBay manually and didn’t find much success.  They regrouped and tried again using M2E Pro and haven’t looked back
  • Hear how they run a 5 server database cluster to manage the demanding and expanding nature of their Magento setup
  • They have around 40/50 members of staff who have to access the Magento admin daily.
  • Currently testing the ebizmarts POS system to integrate Point Of Sale into their stores to tie up Magento. (We have a Podcast coming soon with Ignacio from ebizmarts)

Sites/Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Your Feedback?

Scott has shared with us the fantastic story of Powerhouse fitness and how they are using Magento and M2E Pro on a huge scale, showing the scalable potential that Magento & M2E Pro bring together.

After listening to Scott’s story, do you have any questions or feedback?

If so, let us know in the comments box below.

See you soon,

Matt & Dave

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    • Andrew Gadsden
      Andrew Gadsden says:

      Also, how does Scott manage multi-warehouse? Presumably he tracks stock in each of his shops and the warehouse etc separately? What system does he use for this and does it work with eBizmarts POS / M2E?


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