How House of Fraser Became UK’s Best Multichannel Retailer

Howdy ! The ability to give their customers a seamless shopping experience and a speedy delivery time propelled high-street fashion retailer House of Fraser up the list of UK’s Best Multichannel Retailers. Out of 187 retailers who are also selling online, House of Fraser was given the top spot in the annual Multichannel Retail Report […]

Amazon Suspends Sellers Who Change Their Bank Details

Howdy ! Here’s an important warning for all third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Changing your bank account information at a time when the retail giant has just rolled out a new security measure may result in the suspension of your seller account.   Sellers whose accounts have been suspended had to wait for hours, […]

Predict What Buyers Want with A.I.

Howdy ! Do you ever wish you had the ability to read your customer’s mind so that you can tell what they want before they’ve even ordered it? That wish can easily come true in this age of automation with artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies. Being able to predict what customers will purchase from your store […]

Drive Your Brand Forward with Promotional Products

Howdy ! Do you like giving free stuff to your customers? Now now, that’s not a jaw-dropping question, but a sensible one that you should be considering. After all, sourcing and listing new products in your online store and various marketplaces isn’t enough to drive your sales up. Think up a sales strategy reinforced by […]

Suspended Amazon Sellers Can Get Coverage

Howdy ! Getting suspended from Amazon, whether for a few weeks or more, could ruin not only your finances but your life.   That especially holds true if you use the Amazon marketplace as your main source of income; you don’t have an eCommerce site, a bricks-and-mortar shop or a regular job. Getting banned means […]

Walmart’s First-Quarter Sales Jump by 63%

Howdy ! Is Walmart the new metonym for eCommerce? The retail giant seems to be edging out its competitors as it went full tilt during the first quarter of its fiscal year and gained ground on the eCommerce platform. Walmart’s total revenue from the previous quarter reached $117.5 billion, which is 1.4% higher than its […]

Get Ready for the WordPress Crash Course

Howdy ! We’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out the WordPress Crash Course this week. Here you’re going to learn what WordPress is and why it is the favourite blogging platform of writing enthusiasts, marketing experts and eCommerce businesses. In case you didn’t know yet, the world’s top eCommerce websites maintain a blog as […]

How to End Customer Frustration with Chatbots

Howdy ! Businesses that put chatbots instead of human customer service representatives in front of their customers have a good reason for doing so. Although nothing beats the human touch, so to speak, a chatbot is more than capable of giving every customer what they want—a direct answer to their question. If you’ve been running […]