Get Ready for the WordPress Crash Course

Howdy ! We’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out the WordPress Crash Course this week. Here you’re going to learn what WordPress is and why it is the favourite blogging platform of writing enthusiasts, marketing experts and eCommerce businesses. In case you didn’t know yet, the world’s top eCommerce websites maintain a blog as […]

How to End Customer Frustration with Chatbots

Howdy ! Businesses that put chatbots instead of human customer service representatives in front of their customers have a good reason for doing so. Although nothing beats the human touch, so to speak, a chatbot is more than capable of giving every customer what they want—a direct answer to their question. If you’ve been running […]

Amazon Undercuts Walmart by $10

Howdy ! Amazon’s eyes are fixed on Walmart, making sure that the latter doesn’t outplay them, especially in the area of free shipping. One proof of that is Amazon’s two successive reductions of their free shipping thresholds in a span of three months.    In February, the giant online retailer lowered the minimum amount which […]

How Image Optimisation Improves Customer Engagement  

Howdy ! Have you ever been to a boutique which has neither garment racks nor mannequins to display their merchandise on? If there’s such a place, it has probably closed down or gone broke a long time ago. No matter how good their product line is, any store that doesn’t value what their customers see […]

What’s Worrisome about Quirky Domain Names?

Howdy ! Like in real life, you need an identification on the Internet, whether you run a blog, a personal website or an eCommerce store — otherwise, you’ll never be found. You want a domain name that people can easily recall and mirrors what you offer on your website. If you fancy an odd name, […]

Reshaping eCommerce for Generation Z

Howdy ! A new breed of shoppers called Generation Z are changing the shopping norms which have been practiced for decades. Born in the era of smartphones, Generation Z love that they have instant access to the information they need, hence the reason they think and communicate differently to their predecessors who had to get everything […]

Amazon Launches B2B Platform in the UK

Howdy ! Online retail giant Amazon continues to grow, and it knows where to look to intensify its presence. Amazon has just launched its business-to-business (B2B) marketplace in the UK. Called Amazon Business, this new service aims to tap into the online B2B market here which is valued at £96.5 billion, according to the 2015 […]

Online Sales from Easter Rise by 26%

Howdy! While everyone was preparing painted eggs and candy bunnies during the Easter holiday, online sellers were busy attending to their customers who shopped relentlessly. However, you guys have absolutely nothing to complain about as you’ve managed to a make a mint. According to the data of address management service provider PCA Predict, online sales […]