5 Content Marketing Ideas Inspired by the Love Month

Howdy ! Although known as the love month, February offers other holidays and events which you can use in content marketing, to drive more customers to your website. Providing useful content on your eCommerce site is an effective way of gaining customer interest, and eventually boosting your sales. How you lay out your content is […]


Business Talk with the Manc Entrepreneur

Howdy ! Chances are if you are reading this right now you are a member on UnderstandingE and are either an Entrepreneur yourself or you work for an eCommerce company. Either way my YouTube channel called Manc Entrepreneur will have something for you. You can join me every weekday as I talk about the different aspects […]


Why the UK is Called A Nation of Online Sellers

Howdy ! Whether you run an eCommerce business or sell items online as a sideline to your day job in the UK, you and the entire community of online retailers are the reason we remain to be the “nation of shopkeepers”. While there are many online businesses that stemmed from careful planning, there are also […]


The Best Wearable Payment Devices for 2017

Howdy ! Wearables are getting more common, especially as mobile payment devices. Various payment apps are integrated into wearables to make mobile banking and payment much easier.  We now live in a world where we no longer need our cash or cards in order to make physical purchases. Here we list the best wearables that […]

7 eCommerce Trends for 2017

7 eCommerce Trends for 2017

Howdy ! Like previous years, 2017 is expected to unfold new eCommerce trends which businesses such as yours can benefit from. In less than a month, we bid farewell to the year which ushered in an upsurge of mobile shopping, social media campaigns and cloud-based inventory management, among others. However beneficial new trends are to […]


UnderstandingE Meets John Peden from Cart Recover

In this podcast we speak to John Peden from Cart Recover to discuss what can be done about Cart Abandonment issues for ecommerce businesses.

Last Minute Checklist for the Holiday Season

Last Minute Checklist for the Holiday Season

Now is the time to do a last minute checklist on your eCommerce business to make sure you are ready for the Holiday season.


UnderstandingE Meets WebRetailer – Andy Geldman

In this podcast we are joined by Andy from Web Retailer. Here we found out how he got started in Ecommerce as well as him sharing some fantastic insight for sellers throughout the recording.